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Links Out!



Wednessday, June 15

I finished updating my Girls--->Black Hair page. I finished updating my Girls ----> Blue Hair page. I'm working on a new page. It will feature angel avatars. Be back l8er with more updates. Not that anyone cares... I added an angel gallery in the girls section. I added a mystical gallery to my avatar site. I added a nurse gallery. I'm getting tired now. I think I'll start wrapping things up. I'm done for the day. See ya all tomorrow!

Saturday, June 11

I added two subgalleries for the girls: Blond Hair, and Maids.

Thursday, June 9

I finally made this site publishable. I added two gallaries: Girls and Guys. Girls has two subgallaries that are separated by hair color(black and blue). I couldn't find enough of each of the guy's hair to create subgallaries. I hope you enjoy them!

This morning was okay...then I woke up.